It's Kleos Time

If you are considering legal practice management software for the first time, or if you think it could be time to move to the cloud, then it's time to consider Kleos.

What makes Kleos different?

Kleos is developed by Wolters Kluwer, the European leader in law practice management for over 30 years. This cloud-based practice management software is tailored to make life easier for any type and size of law firm. Kleos offers a full and unique range of features, integrating case management with time tracking, billing and reporting. Our exclusive file sharing portal and mobile apps allow you to work anywhere and collaborate in real time. Your data is protected and automatically backed up in our completely secure private cloud.

The most professional and complete software for lawyers

Smarter collaboration

Share documents, tasks, bills and calendars instantly with KleosConnect, our unique file sharing portal

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The most professional and complete software for lawyers

Freedom in the cloud

Work efficiently with an exclusive range of features in the cloud from anywhere, on any device

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The most professional and complete software for lawyers

Business driven

Know the ins and outs of your law firm with best-in-class performance reporting

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Why it's time for Kleos


Time to take control

All you need to use Kleos, is web access. It’s easy to learn, easy to use and easy to see exactly what’s happening with cases, time, invoicing and more, giving you time to focus on what’s really important

Why Kleos?


Time to work safely and effectively

Keep all your data secure and backed up. Effortlessly give clients the information they need. Keep documents, emails, tasks, calendars and billing all in one place. Work from anywhere, on any device.

Why Kleos?


Time to feel supported

All Kleos users benefit from industry leading support from Wolters Kluwer experts, to help with onboarding, training and issue resolution. We offer you support in migrating your data and processes to give you a seamless transition.

Why Kleos?

What Kleos users say

  • “Now I can keep my timesheet updated from my smart phone.”
  • “To manage info, doc and archive is crucial. Kleos helps me to effectively and easily organize what I need.”
  • “I was worried at the beginning: new system, new stuff to learn...but with Kleos everything is integrated with my Office suite.”

Kleos adapts to your needs



For lawyers that need simplification and effective case management

The most professional and complete software for lawyers


For lawyers that need to take control of their practice

The most professional and complete software for lawyers


For lawyers focused on running a successful law firm

Did you know?

The development of Kleos was informed by the wants and needs of over 2,500 legal professionals.