Case Management

Case Management that saves you time so you can focus on client service and growing a profitable business. With Kleos, organise all of your case documents, client data, emails, time sheets, invoices and more by case, so that you can find them quickly, 24/7.

All of your cases and client information in one place

With Kleos, you can organise and link every document, email, appointment, task, contact, time sheet or invoice to it's related case. With quick and easy 24/7 access to what you need, you can provide better client service, without wasting valuable time searching for information.


Keep an up-to-date calendar and stay on track

Personalise your calendar with appointments for each case, and share it with your colleagues to get a complete view of what's happening at the firm. Stay on top of court dates, appointments or other events. Everything is centralised and synchronised in Outlook.

Stay on top of tasks & deadlines

Plan and track all the tasks you need to complete ahead of a deadline. See each step, assign tasks to colleagues, track progress and never miss an important deadline ever again! Reduce redundencies and increase the efficiency of routine work so you can spend time on more valuable tasks.


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