Manage your cases

templates Templates

Templates make things more efficient, avoid retyping content and case data. With Kleos’ editor you can create your own customized templates. If you need, you can also access the templates provided by Kleos.

access-wolters Access Wolters Kluwer Content Database

Do you have a WK database? Great! Now you can search and work on your cases with all the contents you need: legislation, extensive jurisprudence, advise from best legal experts, forms.

calendar Calendar

Manage your timemore effectively. Customize your diary to get the daily/weekly/monthly outlook and alerts, and share it at need with your colleagues. Link everyone’s appointments to cases. Synchronize with Outlook.

cases Cases

Keep all your cases under control easily: any document, email, event, due date, task, contact, time sheet, invoice, are now only a click away.

document Documents and e-mail

Create and work quickly and easily with documents and emails. Everything is linked to your case, forever; easy to retrieve and accessible from multiple devices. Integrated with Word and Outlook.


Work with the same agility you are used to, without reverting to your current tools. Continue to use Outlook and Word. Kleos will centralize everything in the cases.

tasks Tasks

Due dates, priorities, tasks: identify and manage every planned activity. Kleos tracks everything and alerts you with reminders for your tasks.

contacts Contacts

Organize and maintain your contacts database, including their data and information as well as their roles and connections to any specific case.

Manage your firm

mobility Mobility

Access and update cases, contacts, diary tasks and time sheets from any device. Open, modify, save and add any document. With real time access to any data entered or modified on a mobile device, always available in the office and vice versa.

configurability Configurability

Adapt your Kleos to your need, the inbuilt systems are as flexible as you need them to be.

reporting Reporting

Do you want to know about the performance of your firm? Use reporting features to analyze time, activities, and billing for yourself and everyone in the firm.

security Security

Kleos is the safest and securest environment for your data, continuously monitored 24/7 and always available. Your firm and clients’ data are protected and isolated. We daily audit security, certified by Norton Symantec and McAfee.

secure-file-sharing Secure file sharing

Discover Kleos Connect, the secure and innovative document sharing functionality of Kleos. Share all your documents in total security and keep document trails and comment threads under control directly from Kleos.

time Time

Help lawyers to track their activities and register their time. Linked to cases and invoicing.

billing Billing and invoicing

Keep all the invoices for your cases under control and create better proposals. You can generate invoices based on time sheets or fixed fees. The advanced version supports you with extended configuration options, batch and split billing, multi-case invoices, etc.


Kleos Essential


Specifically designed for a lawyer that has to do it all and needs things to be simple and effective. Down to earth and concentrated on what is important, it works within your routine, asking you to change as little as possible, while increasing your efficiency.

Some examples:

  • Safely store and access documents and email in organized case files, eliminate insecure e-mails and file sharing with Kleos Connect.
  • Synchronize your calendar and stay on top of important tasks and deadlines with alerts.
  • Access files from anywhere, whenever you need them, so that you can optimize your time.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office means you can work with templates, send emails and save documents directly into their appropriate case file.

Kleos Pro


With the case management features you expect from Kleos Essential, Kleos Pro offers additional features to give you a complete system to keep your practice under control. Allowing you to concentrate on your job and simplify all collateral aspects, it’s designed to help you find what you need immediately.

Some examples:

  • Cases with all related documents and emails, due dates and tasks, contacts at a click, shared with the colleagues who are working on the case.
  • Simple activity tracking means you can stay on top of billing and create invoices based of time sheets or fixed fees.
  • Fully integrated with Outlook and MS Office to save you time.
  • Share and track documents and info with your clients and third parties with Kleos Connect, eliminating insecure e-mails and optimizing collaboration in one place.

Kleos Business


The most professional practice management software, designed to keep your practice under control, attend to all aspects of the business, as well as those of the law profession. With all the Kleos Pro benefits, Kleos Business gives you specific, exclusive features for complete oversight of case and firm data, accessible from the office, court or on-the-go, with top level protection of your data confidentiality and integrity.

Some examples:

  • Exclusive access to the Smart Report Library with ready-to-go reports to analyze client, case and firm performance, helping you take strategic decisions faster.
  • Access advanced billing features that support batch and split billing, multi-case invoices and more.
  • Custom configuration to makes Kleos flexible to meet your firm’s needs.