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Is your data safe? Test your file sharing habits!

File sharing isn’t a new concept. The need to send documents back and forth is as old as time itself.


In the digital age, lawyers are exchanging documents with colleagues and clients on a daily basis. However, as email and cloud-based file sharing services become the norm, we need to examine the inherent security risks associated with these digital methods and their impact on how we conduct business. Furthermore, law firms are subject to rigorous confidentiality obligations, professional secrecy and third-party data protection, which require additional effort on the part of employees to prevent non-compliance and avoid data loss.


Secure file sharing starts with educating everyone about the risks and implementing standards to govern file sharing practices. As a lawyer you’re regularly required to juggle case work and communication flows with clients and third parties. You’re sharing documents, sending emails and collaborating on cases with colleague in your firm. But are your habits keeping your data safe?


Find out if your data sharing habits are exposing you to data security risks with our quick quiz:


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