Kleos Connect secure file sharing

Kleos Connect is provides lawyers with a smarter way to share documents and information with clients or third parties. Eliminate insecure e-mails and centralise collaboration in one place.

Organise your work & communication in one place

Easily share documents, without ever leaving Kleos. In as little as 5 seconds you can share files with clients or third parties, and receive real-time updates when anyone uploads, downloads or comments on a document. Keep conversations and document trails under control in one place.


Provide more value with proactive client service

Stay ahead of clients demands by providing them 24/7 access to your branded Kleos Connect portal. Your clients can quickly find the information or files you have shared with them, helping you to eliminate long email threads or phone calls that eat at your time.

Protect confidential information with higher security

Law firms cannot risk to send sensitive information via email or through commercial file sharing services. Kleos Connect is the most secure way to exchange files. With granular user management rights, you have total control over who can access the portal and each file.


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What Kleos users say

  • “I was worried at the beginning: new system, new stuff to learn...but with Kleos everything is integrated with my Office suite.”


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