Mobility - work from anywhere, anytime

Kleos boosts productivity and enables lawyers to work on the cloud from their laptop or using the Kleos Mobile App for iOs or Android. Transform the time you spend out of the office into billable hours!

Uncap your productivity and work on the go!

Make the most of the time you spend travelling or waiting in court. Changes you make are updated in real time on the cloud, ensuring your colleagues back at the office always have the most updated files available, and vice versa.


Track billable hours immediately

Keep track of your time while you're on the go. Record time spent in your client's office, update timesheets and bill the correct amount of hours without delay. No more waiting till you're back in the office to update timesheets.

Download the Kleos App!

Access and work on cases, documents, tasks and time sheets from your mobile device, in real time.

Download Kleos Mobile here :

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Are you ready to transform the time you spend out of the office into billable hours? Discover how thousands of lawyers are increasing revenues thanks to Kleos - the #1 cloud-based practice management software in Europe.