MS Office, eCourt, Invoicing tools, WK databse, integrations make life easier for lawyers

Integrations help lawyers improve efficiency by streamlining workflows in Kleos and reducing manual work. Save time on routine tasks and spend more time on what matters - your clients and growing a profitable business.

Seamlessly connect with MS Office tools

Kleos works with the MS Office tools you use today. Continue using Word documents and templates, send emails directly from Kleos and synchronise your calendar and tasks with Outlook. Kleos will centralise everything by case.


Connect with local e-Court directly from Kleos

Kleos boasts a seamless integration with local e-justice systems letting you exchange information with the courts.

Synch your case files and calendar with updates, eliminate manual work and reduce the risk of missed deadlines.


Connect with WK Database directly from Kleos

Do you have a WK database? Great! Now you can search and work on your cases with all the contents you need: legislation, extensive jurisprudence, advise from best legal experts, forms.

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