Timekeeping and tracking with Kleos

Time Management tools in Kleos help lawyers manage their calendar, tasks and deadlines. Take away the admin burden and make more of your valuable time.

Manage your calendar

Kleos gives you control over your personal calendar and visibility into what's happening across the firm. With 24/7 access on any device, easily plan appointments and travel to manage your time effectively.


Stay organised with tasks & deadlines

Create tasks, or assign them to colleagues, and receive alerts when the tasks are overdue. Kleos helps track tasks and respect deadlines across all cases, across the entire firm.

Transform the way you keep time

Log timesheets in a consistent way, by activity and by case, and stop losing valuable billable hours.  Enter time directly from your calendar to make sure ever hour is counted


Try Kleos for free

Are you ready to drive growth and profitability at your firm? Thousands of lawyers have generated over 50 million timesheets with Kleos - the #1 practice management software in Europe.